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EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and it has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades with great results. Its rapidly expanding use as a Whole Body Training method provides the perfect combination of a highly effective strength and cardio training.

2×20 minutes a week is enough.
Safe and effective.
Personal training.

Full body EMS Training stimulates all the major muscle groups simultaneously to help achieve a fit and toned look. Therefore, by training with EMS technology with a personal trainer, the results of a 90-minute workout can be achieved in only 20 minutes! Above all, it keeps you healthy, so contact our EMS personal trainer Joanna.

EMS with personal trainer



The electrodes are placed on the body, directly over each major muscle group, so all the impulses reach their target. It’s easy, safe and you can’t go wrong.


Using EMS can help improve your posture, as the special training programs contain exercises for the back, the lower back, the abs and even the shoulders.

Achieve a toned body

Full-body EMS strength training combined with cardio sessions can help you get your muscles toned, burn fat and reduce cellulite.


    Unlike regular training with weights, EMS Training will not put additional pressure on your joints and with the help of a specialist, it can be used after an injury or with joint pain as well.

    Balance out the muscular system

    EMS can also be used if there are muscular imbalances or underdeveloped muscles in the body. Targeting the appropriate muscle groups is easy with XBody Training Suit.

    EMS Saves

    “Time is money” as the old saying goes, and it is especially relevant in today’s busy world. To clarify, with EMS, for instance, you can achieve the results of a 90-minute training in just 20 minutes.


    EMS Works?


    vs gym



    Gym workout

    Time of 1 training session 20 mins 60-90 mins
    Frequency of training sessions per week 1-2 3-4
    Pressure on the joints during the training no yes
    Fat burning 3x quicker Standard
    Speed up metabolism yes no
    Cellulite reduction yes no
    Deep muscles training yes only during a few workouts
    Cost of 1 session with a qualified trainer £45-£80 £50-£150

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    EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and it has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades with great results. 


    A treatment where the body's soft tissues are exposed to extremely cold temperatures to destroy fat cells.

    Cryotherapy – skin lesions removal

    By freezing the fluid and creating ice crystals and shards that break the cell membrane, the IQ device decimates such tissues. 

      Skin booster / Mesotherapy

      A unique injectable moisturising treatment to improve the luminosity, whilst correcting and preventing signs of ageing.

      Lymphatic Massage

      Lymphatic drainage massage from Body Ballancer, helps with the movement of lymph fluids around the body.


      Arosha is a slimming programme that gives you a desired body shape in a short time with little efforts and no side effects.

      LED light

      A skincare treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to enhance the glow of the skin and prevent from ageing.

      Full Body Composition Scan

      In addition, I also offer a Full Body Composition Scan from Tanita and Consultation for £40.

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      Fantastic service from Joanna. She went the extra mile to always ensure I was comfortable. And was very flexible with fitting me in for Lymphatic drainage massage. All in all, definitely 5 stars!

      Sandra Steele

      Lovely Joanna, thank you! So professional and so friendly. Fat freezing I highly recommend follow by lymphatic drainage. I had it before the summer started last year and the result was amazing.

      Conka Petrova

      Session with Joanna was one of the best experience for me. She is very professional in what she does. She is always full of positive energy, with smile on her face. Her advice are always 100%.

      Katarzyna Mijal

      Joanna is amazing! Not only is she knowledgeable regarding her treatments, but she also cares about your goals and achievements. And on top of that she makes you feel comfortable while in the sessions. Thank you Joanna!

      Ramy Shahin

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